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January 5, 2018

The Diary of a Country Estate Agent

-Clive Robinson


Robinson’s Portfolio specialises in character and individual homes, properties of this nature can sometimes require specialist knowledge when it comes to survey results.


The most remarkable characteristic of a surveyor’s report is how it is interpreted and dealt with. Many times I have taken a call from a buyer, rather distraught and very worried, having read through their ‘Homebuyers Survey’. Of course, I am initially concerned as I don’t want my clients to be the receivers of bad news through the buyer withdrawing from the purchase, neither do I want a buyer facing unexpected repair bills or being not able to proceed with the purchase. At Robinson’s Portfolio, we have a wealth of relevant experience in dealing with adverse survey reports, translating technical statements and drilling down to the pertinent points, amidst a possible raft of caveats and disclaimers.


It generally starts with delving into the report, so we can work through the findings step by step and seeking recommended advice from professionals, such as damp specialists, electricians, roofers, drainage experts etc. taking a pragmatic approach based on fact, not supposition.


It really is quite amazing how many perceived problems are resolved, so not causing concern. It is always a comparison between the perceived properties problems and the ideal ‘new’ build and reaching a balance, with due consideration to the properties age etc. Sometimes there will be no solution other than a financial adjustment, but this is generally limited to factors which were unknown by the vendor and not taken into consideration with the valuation due to their nature, this might take the form of damaged or blocked pipes, faulty boilers, timber infestation, damp and the like.


We certainly do not allow fate to take its course, as both parties would be disappointed and generally out of pocket. With care and enthusiasm to give the best advice and service possible to both parties we have an amazing conversion rate of 91% (sales reaching completion) and achieved, on average, 93% of our client’s asking price.


If you would like to take advantage of a knowledgeable, established, Estate Agency, we would be delighted to offer you a free, no obligation valuation. Please telephone 01284 769694 or if calling out of office hours please telephone 07796 271716. We look forward to hearing from you.